Please read the following as it exists of rules, notes, and other important information. This page is not to be edited by anyone. This is here for the benefit of others and if tampered with, will cause viewers to be mislead


The rules are quite simple and should be followed. The following rules will be explained unless stated otherwise.

  • Adding a new card is forbidden unless it is a real card or it has passed my inspection.
  1. This site is for the both the benefit of YCM members AND the benefit of Yu-Gi-Oh fans. Custom made cards that are obviously anti-Konami wont do anything for this site. If you wish to place a card thats real then that's fine do as you wish but place the proper information for it otherwise it's useless. If you wish to place a custom made card, I will need to see it first and only when I give the OK can you then add it to this site.
  • Be respectful to other's articles and lose the flaming
  1. Dont edit others articles with your own views unless it is a matter of right and wrong. Dont yell at people because they misspelled something. Just politely point it out and fix it.
  • OCG must be correct as well as Balance
  1. Custom cards that have been given permission to be posted must be posted with near perfect OCG. The card's must also be balanced.

Other Rules Will Be Added When Necessary.

You can always come to CC.


If you need help just talk to Me Lovely_CC. I'll be glad to help.

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