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Welcome all to CC's Valley! The home of best information about Yu-Gi-OH around! Hopefully this will become the mainstream site for all of your Yu-Gi-Oh know hows and info. Sounds like Yugioh.Wikia right? Well It's similar except here we have the best custom made cards available and Archetype info and other materials used by those from YCM. I hope that all find this site to be helpful and instructive. I hope you can become a constant contributor to CC's Valley, and be respectful of all. The best place to start out is by reading the Guidelines. I hope that you will understand why the Guidelines are the way they are. Any complaints, questions or otherwise can be given to me. Just know that this site is for Yu-Gi-Oh cards and Custom made Yu-Gi-Oh cards. As said before, I hope you enjoy your time here!

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