The Archithan archetype is an archetype that has many sub-archetypes. The Sub-Archetypes within the Archithan Archetype are Vicious Archithans, Archithan Species, Ancient Archithans, Infernal Archithans, Seraphim Archithans, and Dimension Archithans. Each Sub-Archetype has it's own unique idea. The Vicious Archithans cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. They can only be Special Summoned while they're removed from play by either the effect of another Vicious Archithan or any card. The Archithan Species are the support for the Vicious Archithans since during your main phase you can remove from play an Archithan Species monster you control to Special Summon a Vicious Archithan. The Ancient Archithans are all LIGHT Attribute Level 7 Spirit monsters. Only 2 known Ancient Archithan monsters have effects that allow them to remain on the field. Most Ancient Archithans are supporters of the other Archithan sub-archtypes, whether it's increasing the ATK of another Archithan monster you control or it's defending it from card effects or attack. However, when an Ancient Archithan is destroyed, it removes an Archithan monster you control from play. The Infernal Archithans are all Gemini Fiend type monsters. The Seraphim Archithans are the Synchro monsters of this archetype. Seraphim meaning Celestial being, these Archithans are all Fairy type monsters. They are anti-support to Spell Cards and Trap Cards and deal with Special Summoning removed from play Archithans. Each Seraphim Archithan relates to a different attribute (I.E. Seraphim Archithan - Faylail Fanegel belongs to LIGHT and Seraphim Archithan - Simith Lecto belongs to WIND). The Dimension Archithans belong to the sub-type Jumper. These Archithans cannot be Set.

The LegendEdit

There was a legend about the begining of the Archithans and their power. The legend started when this set was released.

The Legend:

The Vicious Archithans were once majestic cards. Duelists of all sorts and even those who opposed the duel monsters game sought to find them, wield them, rule them. Many were worshiped; all were admired, but none more than Vicious Archithan – Minotarus Graginon. This was the majestic key to the deck’s power. However, its glory was soon eclipsed after the creation of the card Celestic Mode Activate. This card had the power to enhance Minotarus Graginon into a Celestic being of such power that all trembled before its might. This, however, was the end of this collection’s glory. One young woman had collected all the pieces to this magnificent set! She could wield the Archithans with such grace that even the Gods admired her as a worthy opponent. All who challenged her fell to her might and soon she would come to possess all the lands. The Gods, however, knew that this would vastly expand her already large ego. One God, whom was one of the most respected, had a vision. The girl who possessed the Archithans would set herself upon the throne of the kings and gain power over the land. He foresaw a darkness possessing her, changing her into something corrupt and evil. He saw her challenging the Gods. This frightened the Gods. The very God that had had this vision suggested that they seal away the Archithans, and for good measure the woman who possessed them. One God volunteered to take the form of a human and descend to the Earth and challenge this woman, with his own mighty Deck of loyal servants. As he descended, this brave powerful God assimilated the form of a tall, powerfully built man with a long dark beard and a shaven clean head. This man walked with a purposeful stride and exerted an aura of power, which all those who strode past him felt, and feared, for only one being had ever given off an aura as such, the Archithan girl. The God strode through the small town, questioning all its inhabitants of the whereabouts of the Archithan girl.

“We know not, where this Goddess of beasts resides! May the Gods appraise you and grant you luck if you are to challenge her!” cried an old seer. The God retorted.

“It shall not be I that the Gods need apprise! For I am that God of which you speak! I am one who commands the power of the Kings! Tis I whom shall vanquish and seal away the power of this Goddess of beasts!”

As this God continued on his quest to find this maiden, this “Goddess of Beasts”, the woman herself was crossing the courtyards of the Court of Kings, far above the town in which the God was searching, and deep within a mountainous valley.

A man sat at the farthest end of this courtyard upon a golden throne that was covered by a golden veil. He wore a golden crown with a glittering Sapphire encrusted within it’s very center. A man stood behind this throne and this king. This man had a wicked look upon his snake like face. The woman stepped forward, her long silver silk gown sliding across the neat grassy floor. As she reached the King of Kings she bowed deeply and spoke in a soft melodic tune that caused the rarest and most beautiful birds to sing songs of joy.

“Oh dear King of Kings! Master of all and lord of I, I have come to claim this golden throne, this seat of honor for my own, a poor maiden of swans, a majestic queen of love.”

The King approached his feet with swiftness matched only by what lay beyond the heavens, and bellowed with an unholy anger in his voice.

“You dare insult this throne! This kingdom, this castle! Here you stand before a God among this Earth and here you speak of thieving my throne! Your wickedess witch! You wish this seat only to deem yourself a Goddess among your people! May the Gods damn you!”

The woman smiled and replied with a snare.

“Your uncouth wrath is the insult upon this throne, this kingdom, this castle. Here I stand before a fool whom wishes to thwart me and yet will fail and here I speak of rescuing this throne from the clutches of a damned. Perhaps I am a wickedess witch, but if I am such then art thou a demon? But yes. I wish to sit upon that golden throne as a Goddess among my people. However, the Gods will not damn me.”

The King’s fury was such the mountain itself shook. Before either could make a step for each other, however, the skies above the kingdom were rent open and a holy light descended upon the quarreling mortals. The black bearded man alighted down upon the grass gently and turned to face the woman.

When he spoke, birds sang songs of love and the mountain’s flowers burst into bloom.

“You are unholy and wicked. You think to steal this majestic throne to claim the power of a God and with it this world. To be a King of Kings, to be a Goddess of Gods. This will not be permitted by the Gods. I am here, sent by the other Gods to snuff the wicked flames burning within that Deck.”

The Archithan Queen, named for her power over the beasts she commanded, screamed in rage and flew at the God. Her silky hair flying behinds her in glistening folds.

The God withdrew a flask of moonlight and a funnel of sunlight. He threw them high into the air. The duel that followed this moment was an epic battle between Archithans and Escalus’. The battle rent the kingdom of kings apart, and when the battle was finished, it lay in nothing but ruins. The cards that were later discovered within these ruins were known as Dark Ruin Beasts.

The Archithan Queen, lay upon the grass at the feet of the victor. The God caught the falling flask and funnel. He cried a single word and the rubble of the ruins began to spiral around him and the once beautiful maiden. She glanced up and her words approached the God.

“Please spare this poor maiden of swans, this majestic queen of love!”

The God laughed and lightning played across the sky. Stone after stone landed around the Queen as a pillar of pure earth erupted from the ground, encasing the Archithan Deck within it’s murky depths. The Archithan Queen shrieked.

“You Damned! You wicked beast! I condemn you! I damn you from the other Gods whom would have spared me! You once called me wicked for owning a power to match your own, but in the end tis you who is the WICKED!”

Before, however, she could finish...The God clapped his hands once and the woman was silenced, encased in a prism of rock.

The God stepped back and looked around at the once heavenly courtyard. The mountain was ruined. The birds that once sang beautifully lay dead upon the grassy floor. The King of Kings was gone, trapped within a stony prison himself, along with the evil man who had been behind the throne.

The golden throne, the seat that possessed the power of the kings, however, was pure and untouched looking as ever. The God strode to it and sat upon its glistening seat and spoke.

“T’was misfortunate. To see the beautiful woman vanquished among the other two wicked fools who cherished this throne. I pity this world and all who live in it.” ___________________________________________

A Millennia after the God had defeated the Deity, a young man approached the pillar with a sledge hammer. Tales of the happenings that had happened here had spread and this man wished to retrieve the deck of legend, the Archithans. He began to slowly chip away at the pillar. Soon the man reached the Deck, yet the instant he touched it, it flashed. Four beams of light flew from the deck and sent cards flying in every direction, vanishing into the air.

Even to this day, people all over the world are searching for the Archithan cards, some have even found some. All however wish to retrieve them all and once again challenge the Gods.

Playing StyleEdit

The playing style of the Archithan set is quite unique. It is a type of swarm that can be achieved with a mixture of Spell Cards and Trap Cards. The Vicious Archithans are a desirable part of this set because of their stalling effects. Some Vicious Archithans stop your opponent from Summoning monsters during their turn after the summon or destruction of a Vicious Archithan. Cards such as Vicious Archithan - Tri Headed Hedrinon help this set swarm. The name of the Vicious Archithan sub-archetype fits well, since the playing style of these cards are aggressive and straight forward. The star or the Vicious Archithans is Vicious Archithan - Minotarus Graginon who instantly eliminates a monster on the field when it is summoned. With the possibility of gaining an extra 500 ATK Minotarus can quickly become a powerhouse monster. It also supports this set's swarm abilities since it's effect require the removal of monsters from the game.

Different Dimension decks would be completely obliterated against a well built Archithan Deck. D.D. Decks remove the opponent's monsters from play which, against Archithans, would greatly enhance the ability to pull of incredible summonings. Of course cards such as D.D.M. - Different Dimension Master would fit into Archithan Decks well since it returns cards from out of play.

A popular quick summoning strategy would be playing Revealing Night Light and setting Return Trip. Then during your End Phase you remove a powerful Vicious Archithan monster from play (on that does not require another Vicious Archithan to special summon it) so that when your opponent Summons a monster during their turn, you can play Return Trip to Special Summon the monster you removed from play with Revealing Night Lights effect.

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